Hass is currently a Senior Director for Video Syndication and Video SSP, based out of Tel Aviv. He has been with Verizon Media for six years, joining the team as part of the Aol/Yahoo Merger.  Runs the Client Services, Solution Engineering and Product growth teams across the Globe. 

5/21(二) 09:40-10:40

貴賓主題演講|聚焦科技新未來  打造優質影音共榮圈——全球影音內容媒合平台

Keynote Speech|Focus on New Technology, Build up Premium Content Ecosystem - Video Syndication

Marcel Hass / Senior Director for Video Syndication and Video SSP, Verizon Media

Marcel Hass

Verizon Media全球影音內容媒合平台暨影音流量管理平台資深產品總監

Marcel 加入 Verizon Media 已逾六年,在 AOL 與 Yahoo 整併之際投身全球影音內容媒合平台暨影音流量管理平台之產品團隊,專注致力於全球客戶服務、解決方案以及產品發展等領域。

Ryutaro Seki is a Deputy Executive Creative Director specialized in communication solution planning and mixing among the digital, contents and media. Planning and producing the thing in a media neutral and/or holistic way by finding optimal method.

Taking advantage of experience from seconded to the strategic creative agency; Naked Communications, he became to approach strategically the objectives from both classes mass advertisement and/or unique inventive technological method. Also experienced an exchange program with Google/Zoo, working at google NY office for understanding and expanding digital creative capability.

Seki has received numerous international advertising awards such as Cannes Lions, One Show, Adfest, ECI Award, Dentsu Award, and Spikes Asia etc.

5/21(二) 11:00-12:00

媒體科技趨勢報告|何謂創意事業的創新? 創新不止於科技,是改變人類行為

Media Tech Trend Observation|What is the innovation for CreativeBusiness
Innovation is not just Technology, it is about changing human behavior.

Ryutaro Seki / Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Thailand & Deputy Executive Creative Director, dentsu X Thailand


泰國電通資深創意總監暨dentsu X泰國副執行創意總監

現任泰國電通/dentsu X 泰國副執行創意總監,関龍太郎專攻傳播解決方案企畫以及數位、內容、媒體的結合手法,找尋最佳方案企劃並製作出媒體中立和整體的方式。憑藉在知名英國策略創意代理商Naked Communications工作的經驗,関龍太郎開始從策略上探討大眾廣告與獨特的創新技術方法。他也曾與Google Zoo創意技術團隊在Google紐約辦公室一同工作、交流計畫,以熟悉並擴展數位創意能力。関龍太郎曾獲多項國際大獎如,坎城國際創意獎(Cannes Lions)、金鉛筆獎(One Show)、亞太廣告獎(Adfest)、艾奇獎(ECI Award)、數位廣告大賞(CODE Award)與亞洲創意獎(Spikes Asia)等等。

Loma Linda University, School of Business, MBA graduated. Joined Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. (Current PANASONIC Inc.), North America in 1991, accumulated know-how and expertise in U.S. and Asia for M&A, global strategic marketing, and business consultation etc.. 
After joining D2C, a pioneer of mobile marketing company, in charge of Global Business Div., exporting D2C know-how to local markets to accelerate Marketing industry growth.


5/21(二) 12:00-12:30


Media Tech Trend Observation|Marketing change with 5G

Keibun Wu /Chief Executive Officer, D2C APAC& General Manager, D2C Taiwan



畢業於美國羅馬林達大學商管學院MBA,1991年曾任日本三洋電機公司(現 PANASONIC Corporation)北美分公司採購部部長等職務。

5/21(二) 14:30-15:00

Media Tech Trend Observation|People Data Driven - Agile Marketing Architecture Design

Scott Hsia / General Manager, Data & CRM, Isobar Taiwan



超過18年的數位行銷領域服務經驗,整合電子商務、口碑行銷、數據決策行銷等跨領域經驗,服務包含Mercedes Benz、Mead Johnson、McDonald‘s、 ATEN、Porsche、Triumph、IKEA、The Body Shop、OSIM、SAMSUNG等在內的跨產業品牌,致力推動數據化行銷決策與創意廣告間的接軌互動,近年於兩岸以大數據決策行銷及零售科學為題發表多次專題演講,並推動與台灣大學統計中心成立「電通安吉思數據行銷實驗室」,積極推動數據人才養成及品牌數據創新應用研發。

More than 18.years of data marketing, digital and social strategy and CR-Marketing experience. Scott specializes in Data driven CRM strategy, consumer data decision model consolidation and focuses on delivering brand client marketing decision optimization and dynamic data consulting services, optimizing the efficiency and quality of marketing decisions and building brand-specific data creative communication solutions. Stitching logical data with emotional creative ideas, Scott believes that All-brain marketing will give the whole new vision and the great competitiveness to the next generation’s MI (Marketing Intelligence) revolution.

Fascinated by the world of advertising, Zhong Ming joined Hakuhodo Inc. in Tokyo in 1998 and embarked on a career in the advertising business. In April, 2012, Zhong Ming joined a
research project at Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living Shanghai as Chief Researcher. In April 2016, Zhong Ming was assigned to a management position, which gave him the honor of becoming Hakuhodo’s first Chinese executive in the Greater China region.

5/21(二) 15:00-15:40


Media Tech Trend Observation|Evolution of Life in the Digitization Era – How Sei-Katsu-Sha in Taiwan, Mainland China, and Japan are Transforming Their Everyday Lives

Zhong Ming / General Manager & Chief Researcher , 
Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living Shanghai Co., Ltd.




15 years media experience in Mainland China 4A media agency. Joined Wavemaker around 3 years. Has worked across several major global brands on integrated media planning solution. Tanya is savvy in FMCG and luxury category and understands both the digital and offline worlds. Wavemaker is a next generation agency that sits at the intersection of media, content and technology. From the end of Y2017, as part of the future capability composition, Tanya began to set up Wavemaker audience and performance team. Focus on precision marketing to integrate data, audience, EC and scale up media performance to drive brand growth. Lead team to invent Wavemaker audience science model and release data empowered brand guidebook.

5/21(二) 15:40-16:10

媒體科技趨勢報告|碎片化數據整合 打造有情感的場景化精準行銷

Media Tech Trend Observation|Precision And Passion With every Shot

Tanya Xing / Audience & Performance General Manager, Wavemaker China


Wavemaker中國Audience & Performance總經理

Tanya在中國4A廣告公司擁有15年的豐富經驗,加入Wavemaker已將近3年。她曾任職於多家全球主要品牌的綜合媒體策劃解決方案,並且精通於快速消費品和奢侈品的類別,了解數位和線下的大千世界。Wavemaker是集媒體、內容和科技的新型代理公司。自2017年底開始,為了更加提升未來能力的部分,Tanya開始成立Wavemaker audience and performance團隊。致力於精準行銷,整合數據和受眾、EC並擴展業績,為了推動品牌增長。此外,領導團隊發明Wavemaker audience science模組並發布數據授權品牌指南。

As a serial entrepreneur, Ben has found several successful business, including a million users female oriented social game platform. 

Now, Ben is operating NIUS Media, which is the biggest native female media group in Taiwan, including Niusnews(妞新聞), Nius Career(職女子), Winelist(酒酒窩), 100selected(一百選), and Niuslab(女生研究室), based on enhanced reading experience, online & offline interactions design, and multilayered data analysis techniques.

Ben is dedicated to adopting novel technologies in media industry, and providing premium content and experience to every women.tivness.

5/21(二) 16:20-16:50


Media Tech Demonstration|Consolidate women influence! Build up a brilliant female-oriented media group.

Ben Wang / Founder and CEO, Niusnews




Sara Wu has served as Managing Editor of CommonWealth Magazine, Taiwan, since 2014. She has 26 years of journalistic experience, covering subjects such as technology, marketing, career, and national competitiveness.

Under her leadership, CommonWealth Magazine has won prestigious honors both internationally and domestically, including the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), the Golden Tripod Award, the Vivian Wu Journalism Award, and the Excellent Journalism Award in Taiwan. Prior to her current position, Ms Wu also served as Managing Editor of CHEERS Magazine. She is now responsible for the digital transformation of CommonWealth Magazine from a print bi-weekly to a pay-walled digital daily. The CommonWealth website enjoys a 13 million page view monthly, and a 1.8 million FB fans social reach.

Ms Wu has an EMBA from the National Taiwan University and a BA in sociology from the Soochow University, Taiwan. She also studied in the Columbia University, New York as visiting scholar in the Asian Studies program.

5/21(二) 16:50-17:20


Media Tech Demonstration|CommonWealth Magazine- The Digital Transformation Story of First paid-content media in Taiwan

Sara Wu / Managing Editor, CommonWealth Magazine



現任《天下雜誌》總編輯暨數位總編輯。美國哥倫比亞大學東亞所訪問學人,台灣大學EMBA商學組碩士。吳琬瑜擁有26年的新聞工作經驗, 涵蓋科技、行銷、職業和國家競爭力等領域。曾任職《Cheers》快樂工作人雜誌總編輯,為創刊總編輯。自2014年起擔任《天下雜誌》總編輯,擔任總編輯期間,天下雜誌榮獲國內外超過30座新聞獎項,為台灣財經媒體之冠。包括金鼎獎最佳財經時事雜誌、卓越新聞獎、吳舜文新聞獎、「亞洲卓越新聞獎」(SOPA,The Society of Publishers in Asia)、APA亞洲出版大獎等重要獎項。現今最重要的工作是持續發揮媒體影響力,並致力於數位轉型。

Yang, Senior Marketing Director of Gogoro, has been with the company for more than five years. He oversees and leads a team of about 20 people to execute major cross-functional marketing campaigns. He had worked with technology companies including Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry and has solid experiences in technology field.

5/21(二) 17:20-17:50


Media Tech Demonstration|The opportunity and challenge of E-scooter industry.

Yang Chen / Senior Marketing Director, Gogoro



於Gogoro任職超過五年,現任Gogoro資深行銷總監,帶領20人左右的台灣行銷團隊,負責主導台灣市場溝通策略,從數位、門市、車主社群行銷到媒體操作等,皆經行銷團隊所創造與執行。陳彥揚於Gogoro品牌第一天亮相時,就已經加入 Gogoro行銷團隊,陪伴Gogoro經歷一路以來的成長,於Gogoro任職前曾服務於 Nokia、HTC、Blackberry 等智慧型手機公司,擁有豐富的科技領域行銷經驗。

Paris Lo has over 14 years’ experience in media industry, including digital, TV and print. Lo used to worked at Yahoo, U-life, XINMEDIA, Microsoft etc.
In addition, she have been the general manager in cacaFly.
Lo has the certification of Executive MBA from the National Taiwan University & Fudan University. Currently, Lo is the Chief Marketing Officer of L’Oréal Taiwan.

5/22(三) 09:30-10:00


Media Tech Trend Observation|L’Oréal brings consumers a meaningful experience through AI  and a digital evolution

Paris Lo / Chief Marketing Officer, L' Oréal Taiwan




Chris is Head of Strategy and Planning for PHD across APAC where he leads product and drives thought-leadership, creativity and innovative thinking in 18 offices across 15 countries.
Chris is a passionate believer in the mutual benefits of brands engaging people in positive and constructive ways; he believes that considered, creative, digital-integrated, innovative communications create value for consumers, brands and businesses; that reach is not an objective; and that hope is not a strategy.
He has delivered strategic media planning and thought-leadership for a range of clients across both Europe and APAC, and has worked on global and regional projects for brands including Unilever, ANZ Bank, Google, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ferrero, HSBC, Ebay and The Guardian newspaper.
An industry thought-leader, Chris has co-written three books on the future of the media industry and the impact of AI on marketing. A regular and respected commentator on the communications industry, he has presented on stages at Cannes, Spikes Asia and Australia’s Mumbrella360.
He likes what he does.

5/22(三) 10:00-11:00


Media Tech Trend Observation|Marketing in the Age of Machines :
How successful brands are driving growth by challenging the new rules of marketing

Chris Stephenson / Head of Strategy and Planning, PHD APAC

Chris Stephenson


Chris 是位富有熱情的創意家,總以積極且具建設性的方式協助品牌與消費者產生有效互動;而他也相信周到、創意、數位整合與創新的溝通方式,能為消費者、品牌、企業三方創造出最大價值。他曾為歐洲和亞太區等眾多全球知名品牌客戶提供策略性媒體規劃和領先業界的趨勢觀察力,包含聯合利華、ANZ、Google、可口可樂、Adidas、費列羅、HSBC、Ebay等品牌進行全球和各區域的行銷專案。Chris身為產業思想領袖,不僅熱愛他的工作,更與人共同撰寫三本探討媒體產業的未來,以及人工智慧對行銷市場影響的書籍。他曾多次受邀於Cannes,Spikes Asia以及澳洲的Mumbrella 360 進行演說,並被推崇為「媒體行銷專家」!

Susan joined LINE TW as Lead of Corporate Business Office from 2017; together with her team, they aim to provide a total ads solution to fulfill clients’ needs. LINE Ads solution contained the solution from social, content, living to technology; also breaking the line between online and offline, it indeed closes the distance between clients and their customers.

5/22(三) 11:20-11:50


Media Tech Trend Observation|New Generation Approaches for Sales Promotion

Susan Wang / Lead of Corporate Business Office, LINE TW



王俞蓉自2017年加入LINE台灣擔任廣告事業部副總經理,負責帶領LINE在台灣的廣告事業團隊。在LINE從通訊軟體發展為智慧入口之際,提供廣告主結合社群、內容、生活,與科技的全方位媒體廣告方案,期許能為廣告主帶來輕鬆跨越線上線下的創新思維,並透過LINE,拉近與顧客之間的距離。 加入LINE台灣之前,王俞蓉曾擔任MEC媒體庫總經理,幫助廣告主全面走向數位化,創造卓越成績。此外,也在Yahoo台灣分公司擔任業務資深總監期間,累積超過15年深厚網路行銷業務經驗,擅長策略操盤,並成功打造許多經典品牌行銷案例。

Frank is the person embracing innovations. Entrepreneurship and passion are the best two words to use on him. Frank co-funds adGeek in 2014, for now, adGeek has grown up to be the biggest MarTech company of Asia, serves all kinds of industries in Asia and is expanding the scale to the world.  Making our clients success on business with data driven MarTech solutions is both Frank’s determination, and adGeek’s mission in long term.

5/22(三) 11:50-12:20


Media Tech Trend Observation|Marketing without boundaries 

Frank Chen / Co-Founder & CEO, adGeek



Frank是為擁抱創新的數位人,從他身上可以感受到創業家精神與面對挑戰的熱情。2014年創辦adGeek數位行銷,如今,adGeek已是一家亞洲最大的MarTech公司,服務範疇遍佈全亞洲並逐漸拓展至全世界。以Consumer Intelligence消費者為核心,幫助企業成功經營商務,一直是Frank面對客戶與市場不變的決心,也是adGeek的長期任務。

Majored in computer science and had 5+ years multimedia designer background, Geese has both rational mindset and emotional communication skill which is rare in the market. Geese won 20+ digital advertising / media awards in his career, he was shortlisted as “Channel & Engagement Planner of the Year – Greater China” appraised by Campaign magazine in 2015-2017, 3 years in a row, and he won the gold in 2017 and is the first Taiwan winner. 
Geese is a story teller with his developed digital communication methodologies which help clients define online target audience, setup right message and right format, well-allocated for resources and a long term optimization plan. Geese is the consultant of most his clients to provide clear directions and solid solutions for different tasks. 
Geese is also a well-known digital marketing trainer & columnist in Taiwan and delivered 200+ training sessions and influenced over 5,000+ Taiwan marketers. 

5/22(三) 14:00-14:30


Media Tech Trend Observation|Mindset & Value Make Better Digital Transformation 

Geese Niu  / VP of Digital Transformation, Carat Taiwan




Operation Director of TenMax Adtech Lab 
- Business and Operation lead in Taiwan and Malaysia. 
- Develop the go-to-market strategy for TenMax branches in SEA. 
- Execution of operational strategies and management of operation team. 
- Expertise in digital marketing and advertising technology.
- Consult and implement digital marketing strategies and ad tech solutions for partners and clients.

5/22(三) 14:30-15:00

媒體科技產品發表|凜冬將至: 數位媒體面對內外威脅包夾的生存之道

Media Tech Demonstration|Winter is coming: how digital media survives in the face of external and internal threats?

Jeremy Lin / Operation Director, TenMax Adtech Lab


TenMax 騰學廣告科技營運總監

現任 TenMax 騰學廣告科技營運總監,負責 TenMax 在台灣市場與馬來西亞等海外市場的商業合作與營運。 擅長市場開發與產品策略,並維護重要夥伴的合作關係。

With 19years of digital integrated marketing experiences in multinational media agency & independent digital company.
Expertise: dynamic digital marketing professional with a proven ability to deliver digital strategies and solutions.
Client services experience:Asia Pacific Telecom、Taishin Bank、 Estee Lauder Company、Chanel、Colgate, Kao, Blizzard, Sony Mobile, Mercedes Benz, UIP, Wrigley’s, Citibank, BlackRock, 7-11, Uni-president.
Before devoted to digital marketing field, had the experiences to work for TV and Print publishers for years, with good understanding and confidence on multichannel integrated marketing communications.

5/22(三) 15:00-15:30


Media Tech Demonstration|Breathe with technology:a new chapter in advertising agencies

Amber Chung / Chief Digital Officer, United Communication Group



具有19年數位整合行銷經驗。加入聯廣傳播集團擔任數位長之前,曾任職於國際型媒體代理商和數位公司多年。擅長擬定數位行銷策略,並提供適當的數位解決方案。服務客戶群包括: 亞太電信、台新銀行、雅詩蘭黛集團、香奈兒、高露潔、花王、暴雪、SONY Mobile、環球影業、賓士、留蘭香、花旗銀行、貝萊德、7-11、統一企業等品牌。此外,曾任數屆DMA理事,擔任數位獎項評審。另有多年電視與平面媒體經驗,熟稔數位與非數位領域、線上與線下整合溝通與操作。

A self-diagnosed Millenial social addict, Eric has surfed the wave of media changes for the last 15 years.  He brings years of experience in gaming and enterprise media design, brand operation in the most competitive retail environment in Taiwan, and he has been a full-time founder of QSearch, the premier social media analysis platform in Asia.

Eric helps verticals such as technology, eCommerce, gaming, beauty, public reaction with formulating strategies in today’s rapidly changing digital environment by tapping into his background as a content designer, brand operator, and data analyst.

5/22(三) 15:50-16:20


Media Tech Demonstration|Viral Martech, migrating from advertising to influencing.

Eric Cheng / Chief Sales Officer, Qsearch


Qsearch 業務總監


With more than 20 years experiences at marketing and digital information system integration, Sean’s competencies cross advertising, media, database management, digital marketing and project management. Beside the General Manager of Amnet, Sean is Associate Professor Rank Expert of National Taiwan University of Science & Technology and Adjunct Instructor of National Taipei University of Technology.

5/22(三) 16:20-16:50


DMA 2018 Taiwan Digital Advertising Statistics Report

Sean Wang / General Manager, Amnet Group TW




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